Your 7 Day Program

Day 1: Ground Your Body

Your body and your breath can tell you how anxious and tense you are. However, a lot of times we forget to check in with our body and see how it’s feeling. Are you holding your breath? Is your breath shallow and short? Those can all be signs of anxiety. In this guided breathwork practice, you will be slowing down your breathing to connect with your body. Allowing your body to start to release tension, worry and become present.

Day 2: Relax Your Body

Being in a constant state of physical stress can take a toll on your body. When you’re feeling anxious, your body can become tense, stiff, and you might even have muscle pain. In this guided meditation we will be doing a technique called Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This helps your body to relax, reduce tension and lower your heart rate. Relaxing your body also helps to calm your mind from those anxious thoughts.

Day 3: Clear Your Mind

Do you feel like you’re always in your head? Is your mind constantly worrying or making up worst case scenarios? Do you feel like you’re stuck on a negative loop and find it difficult to quiet the noise? Anxiety can make it a very busy place in your mind. In this practice you will be guided to clear out all the noise in your mind. Get rid of the mental fog and put your mind at ease!

Day 4: Let go of Worry

Worries and doubts are normal, but anxiety can turn “normal worry" into persistent, excessive and uncontrollable worry. And sometimes these worrying thoughts get so loud that they start to interfere with your day to day activities. In this practice you’re going to let go of those worrying thoughts or anything that’s been stressing you out, ending the practice feeling like, once again, you’re in control of your life.

What people are saying:

As someone with a lot of anxiety, I really wanted to understand what causes my anxiety and have tools to help me manage it. I use the Calm app and love it, but needed something that is more tailored to my needs. When I discovered Breathwork for Anxiety, Ihonestly had trouble believing in the benefits of the program. I feel like jumping in without knowing what to expect actually helped me understand that I can’t always be in control. Now, I feel like I have many tools to help me overcome my anxiety — and that gives me peace of mind. The biggest shift and breakthrough I’ve experience has been feeling “calma en el alma”. It reminds me that I have control of my emotions (and not the opposite). Ana has been wonderful. She’s grounded and optimistic. Her calming nature makes work with her very pleasant. My favorite meditation is “Let Go of Worry”. I used to worry all the time. But this meditation reminds me to stay in the present, not the past or future. It’s allowed me to worry less and have given me a sense of freedom from wasting my energy on worrying. The most important highlight, though, is that it’s reaffirmed my goal of being at peace with ME. It’s shown me that I have anxiety, but I’m not my anxiety because I’m in control.

Natalia Ulmer

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Day 5: Awareness and Triggers

Stressful or unfamiliar events and situations can trigger anxiety. Knowing your triggers and creating a pause as you’re experiencing this stressful situation, allows you to respond rather than react. This awareness prevents the anxiety from getting worse. It puts you in control of your emotions. The more you practice this, the more in control and empowered you will feel.

Day 6: Good Morning and Good Night (two meditations, Rise and Shine and Bedtime Relaxation)

Rise and Shine:

Do you wake up worried, dreading the day and anxious even before you get out of bed? Mornings can be challenging and overwhelming. Especially if you didn't get a good night's sleep. In this practice, you’re going to use your breath to feel energized so that you feel ready to take on your day.

Bedtime Relaxation:

It can be difficult to fall asleep when your mind is busy worrying about your day. Anxiety is often linked to sleeping problems. Excessive worrying and fear can make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night. Sleep deprivation can also worsen anxiety symptoms. In this practice, you’re going to release your worries of the day, calm your body and mind, and get a good night sleep.


Day 7: Happy Place

When you’re feeling anxious, negative thoughts can become really loud. It's hard to see the positive in things and feel hopeful. You start to doubt yourself and everyone else. In this practice, you’re going to be guided to go to your happy place. To imagine being in that place where you feel safe, calm and supported. A place where you don't have to worry about anything. On this day, you’re taking a vacation!


INSTANT CALM - In the middle of an anxiety attack or feel one coming on? This 4 minute practice can help you feel clear and grounded in a short amount of time.

FEEL CALM PLAYLIST - Music can be so calming and cathartic. It’s one of my favorite tools to use alongside breathwork. You will have access to a curated playlist that is filled with my favorite calming and grounding music.