3 Relaxation Tools to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

relax sleep Apr 14, 2021

If you’re like me, there are some nights when you stay up way past your bedtime.

Sometimes it’s because you just got really wrapped in something exciting. Other times, you don’t even have a good reason for why you’re up so late — and you struggle to wind down and fall asleep. 

I know how it is! That’s why I wanted to share the 3 relaxation tools I use on nights like that. They never fail to help me decompress and finally doze off. 

Sound Machine

For the last 5 years, I’ve been using a sound machine to help me fall (and stay) asleep. The white noise helps to block out the city sounds that can often disrupt my sleep. Plus, the humming sound is soothing and comforting (which is why they’re also really popular with parents of babies and small children!)

 There are lots of different sound machines on the market so you can easily find one that fits your sound preferences and budgets. There are some that make pink noise or...

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