Feel noticeably more calm in just seven days with the Breathwork For Anxiety program.


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Does this sound like you?

✔︎  Do you find yourself constantly worrying or feel panicked when you're not in control?

✔︎  Do you find it difficult to focus and be present because your mind races or goes blank?

✔︎  Do you carry a lot of physical tension in your body or have trouble getting good sleep?

✔︎  Are you tired of anxiety running your life?

✔︎  Do you want to learn proven strategies for shifting out of anxiety and into calm?

If you suffer from anxiety, know that you’re not alone. 

In fact, anxiety affects over 40 million people in the U.S. alone!

And, thanks to all of the circumstances surrounding the global COVID-19 pandemic, that number is only increasing -- and many people find themselves overwhelmed and unable to cope. 

As a society, we are overly-stressed and anxious. It’s easy to feel like that’s just the way it is and we can’t do anything about it. 

The good news? 

Anxiety is highly treatable and you CAN find relief and experience calm and inner peace. 

I know this because I’ve lived with anxiety for as long as I can remember, but have been able to still find my inner peace and calm using some very simple strategies. 

And I want everyone to be able to do the same. 

That’s why I created a straightforward program for people who live with anxiety and are ready to get their lives and joy back.


Breathwork for Anxiety:

A 7 Day Practice to Feel Calm

What people are saying:

When I came across Breathwork for Anxiety, my anxiety was at a 10 and I found it really hard to clear my head.. I knew I needed to slow down and find peace/calm in my daily life. Prior to finding Ana Lilia, I had tried guided imagery and Qi Gong, but I needed something that was easier to do on my own at any time of day. Since using Breathwork for Anxiety to breathe and meditate, I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my energy level, my anxiety level, and my patience levels! I’m able to consciously pause and take a breath when I feel myself becoming anxious. I’m more calm and respond  instead of react. It feels great!Ana is AMAZING. She has such a soothing, calm voice, vibe, and way of bringing about the best experience. Breathwork for Anxiety  has not only impacted my life for the better — it has saved my life. Without it, I would be an angry, sad, hostile human being. Breathwork brings me to an inner calm and peace where I’m in balance and look at everything presented to me from a lens of love and positivity. It truly keeps me at peace.

Lori Ann Metzler

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Breathwork for Anxiety is a program to help you feel in control of your life again. To feel clear headed, present and relaxed. 

There is no cure for anxiety, but there are ways to manage it so that it’s no longer running (and ruining) your life. 

Through a combination of guided breathwork meditations, visualization exercises and intentional journaling, you will learn how to pull yourself out of your anxious state and create a state of mindful calm. 

Over the course of 7 days, you will learn the proven techniques that my clients and I use to bring ourselves out of a state of anxiety and into one of calm. Once you have gone through the 7 day program, you can revisit the resources you need at any time.


✔︎  Never again having to feel like you’re a prisoner to your emotions

✔︎  No longer letting anxiety hold you back in life

✔︎  Being able to function at home, at work, and wherever else you’re needed

✔︎  Enjoying events and situations that would normally fill you with dread

✔︎  Spending less time retreating or recharging and more time living your life

✔︎  Saying YES to exciting challenges and opportunities

✔︎  Living in the here and now instead of stressing about the past or future

✔︎  Feeling more in flow with life

✔︎  Feeling more FREE

Those are the kind of changes you can experience when you work through the Breathwork for Anxiety program.


Hi, my name is Ana Lilia

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What people are saying:

I’m an actress, but still struggle quite a bit with anxiety. I was looking for something to help me with daily anxiety, as well as for auditions when the nerves kick up. Aside from occasional meditating, I didn’t know what to do.I couldn't be more grateful that I found Breathwork for Anxiety. I was able to apply the techniques I've learned in this program to feel more grounded and in my body (especially when I get extremely nervous, like at auditions). I'm able to focus on my breath rather than my nerves.I love that I now have techniques that I can pull from when I need them — in any situation. Ana is incredible! Her voice alone is extremely calming. Overall, she is a light and her encouragement shines through. Her guided meditations make it really easy to take moments in my day to reconnect and recharge. My favorite meditation is “Clear Your Mind”.  I'm constantly running 100 miles a minute, so being able to stop and clear it all (even for a moment is extremely) helpful. It makes it easier for me to accomplish things afterwards.

Krystal Alvarez

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